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If you’re having trouble seeing objects close up or far away, it may be time for a routine vision screening. Contact lenses and glasses have never been more comfortable, and they can even add a unique flair to your look. To get started, visit the Eye Health Center of Troy. Dr. Pamela Kaw and Dr. David Garfinkel offer corrective eyewear for children and adults in Troy, New York. Patients travel from around the area to see the doctors at Eye Health Center of Troy. Patients even drive from Albany and Tri City! Book an appointment by calling the office or scheduling a consultation online.

Contact Lenses and Glasses Q & A

Do I need contact lenses or glasses?

Many people live with poor vision, only seeking treatment when their eyesight is severely compromised. Some of the most common signs that you need contact lenses or glasses include:

-Difficulty seeing objects close up or far away
-Eye strain or eye fatigue
-Seeing halos, spots, or flashes of light
-Squinting or straining to see

You may also need corrective eyewear if you aren’t able to focus your eyes quickly or if you have poor night vision while driving.

Should I choose contact lenses or glasses?

Some people know they prefer contact lenses over glasses, or vice versa, but the best way to choose the most appropriate eyewear is to have a vision exam with Dr. Kaw or one of her team members.

Contact lenses offer many benefits: they’re invisible, they can be worn during sports or water activities, and they come in many comfortable brands to suit your unique needs. The Eye Health Center of Troy offers multi-focal contact lenses, cosmetic colored contact lenses, and contact lenses for people with astigmatism or special eye conditions.

Glasses may be more appropriate if you want to be able to remove your corrective eyewear, if you have issues with dry eyes, or if you want a more stylish look.

How can I get contact lenses or glasses right away?

The only way to get contact lenses or glasses is with a prescription from an eye doctor. You can contact the Eye Health Center of Troy today to schedule a comprehensive vision exam. During this exam, Dr. Kaw or Dr. Garfinkel checks various aspects of your eye health to determine the prescription strength that will improve your vision. After the exam, the Eye Health Center team will help you pick out the right contact lenses or glasses for you.

Once you start wearing corrective eyewear, you’ll need to have regular eye exams to keep your prescription current and to make sure your eyes remain healthy.

To make an eye exam appointment, call the office or book online using the one-click scheduler.

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